Joining the Houston Lair

The Houston Lair online forum is a private group. New members can join with the permission of other members within the community. If you are interested in becoming a member, apply for membership by registering and filling out our questionaire, and one of the members will contact you.

We aren't looking for essays here, just some evidence you have put a bit of thought into being a part of the PUA community. We need something in each field, but short answers are fine.

There are no fees or dues to becoming a member, just the desire to learn and improve.

Houston Lair rules


(We will confirm your email address.)
Name/handle to use online:
(We recommend not using anything related to your real name.)
Where are you from? Where do you live?
How is your love/sex life currently? How much experience do you have? What is your level of skill in sexual communication and seduction? Do you easily approach women? Kiss? Sex? Do you have many lovers? And so on...
Describe some key experiences with respect to sexual communication and seduction.
Do you have a posting history on another group? If so, which group and which on line name have you used there?
How (or through which people) did you find out about this group?
What do you want to achieve by participating in the Houston Lair?
What can you contribute to other members of the Houston Lair? Maybe a small lesson learned, a tip for others, an approach that has worked for you, or an insight you had about women.
Do you agree to the Houston Lair rules and will you adhere to them strictly at all times?